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Villain possible news?  
9th-Jul-2012 09:58 pm
Sooooo anyone else hear the news about the villain for ST2? Yeah? No? 

Well, apparently Urban let it slip that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. Gary Mitchell is a guy from episode 2 of TOS (it was originally supposed to be the pilot episode) in which he develops random psychic powers. Guess who else makes their debut AND dies in that episode? 

Just guess. 



Seriously. I fucking kid you not. I pulled a random girl from TOS, a complete nobody just so that I could plan in TBG and somehow the ST Gods heard my pleas. Hopefully she'll actually be in the movie. Even if she's not, I can pretend she's wandering around in the background somewhere. Possibly stalking Scotty. Y/Y?

Can I get an amen?
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