Villain possible news?

Sooooo anyone else hear the news about the villain for ST2? Yeah? No? 

Well, apparently Urban let it slip that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. Gary Mitchell is a guy from episode 2 of TOS (it was originally supposed to be the pilot episode) in which he develops random psychic powers. Guess who else makes their debut AND dies in that episode? 

Just guess. 



Seriously. I fucking kid you not. I pulled a random girl from TOS, a complete nobody just so that I could plan in TBG and somehow the ST Gods heard my pleas. Hopefully she'll actually be in the movie. Even if she's not, I can pretend she's wandering around in the background somewhere. Possibly stalking Scotty. Y/Y?

Can I get an amen?
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The Inevitable

So with much debate and reluctancy, the mods of to_boldlygo have decided the rp has run it's course and all good things must come to an end.

We've had amazing players, story lines, and gifs created through the community's life, but we all must admit the community has been steadily declining the last 3 months despite our best efforts to keep it going. It was an extremely hard decision, but it's time to accept that things aren't what they used to be with life getting in the way as well as struggling muses.

That being said, I think we all can be pleased with how long the rp lasted and the friendships it created.

Any last words, gifs, insanity may be left in the comments...

Obligatory Introduction


I'm new here. My name is Green and I play Dr. David Tinny, Psyd.

I've been rping for quite some time now. Er. I also play in Enterprise RPG! And. I'm. Introducing myself!

So hello! Excited to come in and whatnot.

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Plot Post & Activity Check: November

All Hail The Empire

Rumor has it that the Klingon Empire is backing illegal mining operations on planets strictly off-limits, according to the Dilithium Trade Treaty between the Federation and the Empire. Contact with these planets breaks the Prime Directive - and they're in Federation territory on top of that. The Empire claims the mining operations are being carried out by rogue agents who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Empire. The Enterprise's mission: gather intelligence relating to the mining operations and report back to Starfleet Command - preferably without being discovered by the Klingons.

Please respond to the activity check by November 10. Activity has been improving, and we're glad to see the community picking back up. Let's see if we can't make November even better, guys!


Hello, all! I'm Megan and I'm new here. This character I have here is Daniela Mears. She's a yeoman, who is super organized and pretty good at fiddling with computers, though isn't quite an expert.

She's also extremely shy and introverted, so it'll take her a bit of time to warm up to people, but she's better when talking about work than talking about her personal life.

I have a character profile here, if interested. Anyway, I look forward to playing with you guys!
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*sighs* Hiatus Notice

Soooooooooooooo. That whole transferring internet business? Ahahahaha. How foolish of me, to think that it would be so simple as all that.

So, um, our current ISP doesn't actually have service where we've moved to. So. Um. See, the thing is, now we have to cancel our current internet service and find a new internet service. Which might actually take a while. D: I'll try to get on every now and then to catch up with tags, but for now, my threads are kind of on hold. :( Sorry, guys.


Edit: Ahahaha. We just ordered new internet service. \o/ Here's hoping it won't take more than a few days :D
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See that icon? That is me right now. I AM MOVING AND OH GOD. So. Um. I wont' be around from the 25th to pretty much whenever we manage to get the internet switched over, which IS NOT WORKING VERY WELL AT THE MOMENT.

So anyway. Um. I'll miss you guys. You know. For the whole couple of days (I hope) that I'll be without internet.

Stay classy, TBG.

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Howdy howdy, Scout here with another character. This is Lt. Murphy, call her Murphy and you'll get along just fine. She's a shuttle tech, ie a mechanic, because, as she claims, she doesn't have the brains for honest-to-goodness engineering.

For those of you involved in the Murphy's Law 'verse, her Scotty history doesn't exist in TBG because that would just end up getting hella complicated.



 Sooooooo I decided that Darcy was really difficult to play and integrate and Charlie is going to be way easier to play.

Hi, this is Lexie (duh) and this is Charlie Mathers. She's a security ensign, fiery, fiesty, and far too confident. I'll start up an open thread. 

I'm thinking that perhaps she is joining in at the space station as a rookie, good? I think so. XD
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I want to post this while I'm thinking about it.

I'm heading out of town, out of state, to the fabulous Louisiana to visit some family Thursday through Monday (Oct. 14th - 18th) to visit family. I probably won't be able to chat much while I'm at, but I might be able to post. It will be slow, but don't think I've died! But its hard to be a hermit when you have no desk in the guest room and you don't want your grandparents looking over your shoulder with Star Trek smuts or something.